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A number of people have been asking me for more details about how I attach my water bottles to my backpack’s shoulder straps. I typically referred those people back

DIY MESH ONE SHOULDER TOP. 28th May 2014. There’s nothing I like more than a piece of clothing that takes (in total) around eight minutes to make.

Easy instructions for how to make no-sew bean bags, plus lots of ideas for bean bag activities to promote your child’s development in a fun, playful way!

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DIY OFF THE SHOULDER TOP. 4th July 2014. This summer I can’t help but notice the re-emergence of a simple off the shoulder silhouette. After lusting over them

Looking to put together a sexy camera bag? Already have a messenger bag you want to carry your camera in? Love the look and feel of waxed canvas bags but don’t want

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May 22, 2013 · CROCHET A SHOULDER STRAPPY BAG, make it any size, to fit your laptop, or school books. It all begins with the foundation chain! Make the chain as long …

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I recently found myself shopping for a shoulder bag/purse and getting frustrated when, after a few months, I still hadn’t found something that met my needs.

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DIY Foldover Clutch with Shoulder Strap. Jen / 6 Comments / Accessories, Accessories & Etc. Tutorials, DIY, Sewing, Tutorial, Womens / For those of you who …

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